Austroflex insulation sleeve red, 100 % EnEV, angular 2m

Item number: 806

  • Application range: max. medium temperature + 100° C
  • Fire behaviour according to DIN EN 13501-1 Euroclass E
  • Wärmeleitfähigkeit W/(m*K) 0,040
  • With red hard-wearing foil coating
  • Dämmhülse in square shape

Category: PE

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The Austroflex Insulation sleeve

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Austroflex insulation red is an insulation made of closed-cell polyethylene foam with eccentric tubing and a robust outer skin. Provided with the robust outer skin, the foam protects perfectly even under rough construction site conditions. The reduced thickness on 3 sides allows for up to 35% material savings in the floor construction.

FIELD OF APPLICATION: In comparison with concentric/semicircular systems, the thickness is considerably lower when used on heating connection pipes in the floor area. The rectangular and narrow shape fits perfectly into the substructure. It improves the stability of the construction, prevents weak points and sound bridges and ensures impact sound insulation (according to DIN EN ISO 140-8). The low thermal conductivity reduces losses and increases efficiency

ENEV STANDARDS: The Austroflex insulation is EnEV-compliant, the 9mm dimension meets the requirements according to EnEV Annex 5, Table 1, line 7, the remaining dimensions meet 100% according to EnEV Annex 5, Table 1.


Technical data:






Fire behaviour E EN 13501
Upper application temperatureST(+)100[°C] 
Lower application temperatureST(-)0[°C] 
Water intakeWS005  


Areas of application: Sanitary & heating systems
Contents:2,00 m