WKS Isotec and sustainability?

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WKS Isotec and sustainability? - WKS Isotec and sustainability? | Magazine article | We participate!

WKS Isotec and sustainability?

Joshua Schubert 
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Sustainability continues to be one of the most important topics of our time. This is also reflected in the political developments of this year. The new packaging law brings challenges and specifications for many entrepreneurs, which not everyone was necessarily happy with. We think so: A step in the right direction. Since we have been paying attention to sustainability and reducing our emissions for years, we did not have to make a big change. Nevertheless, we want to use this opportunity to give you a better understanding of our internal processes and to provide a little more transparency.

Packaging and filling material

Fortunately, we don't always have to repackage our goods. Armaflex, Rockwool, Isover and Co. come in sturdy cardboard boxes that are very well suited for postal delivery. If accessories are ordered, we pack them in the box as well. In this way, we save on packaging and shipping costs. This ensures that we keep our CO² emissions as low as possible. Of course, this is also reflected in the lower shipping price.

If we do have to repackage something, we only use second-hand cardboard boxes. These are mostly shoe boxes from the retail trade that would otherwise end up directly in the paper waste. This way we give the boxes a second life and our partners are happy about the reduced paper waste.

It is the same with the filling material! Every pallet that is delivered to our warehouse is wrapped with a packing film to protect the boxes from environmental influences. Most of the time, this is impeccably clean. We collect the clean films and use them as filling material for our goods deliveries. We also regularly reuse polystyrene or similar packaging so as not to unnecessarily burden the cycle with additional plastic waste.

Armaflex Varianten Platzierungen
together for a better world, graphic; Isotec Isolierungen GmbH

The Green Dot - We participate

We are a member of the Green Dot. This means that we also officially commit ourselves to act in accordance with the regulations of the Packaging Ordinance.

What exactly is the Green Dot?

The Green Dot is a symbol that is visible on all packaging that is managed by an EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) system.

The function of the symbol is simple: to show consumers that the packaging companies that put their products on the market finance and are responsible for their correct disposal after consumption. To this end, the companies connect their packaging to an EPR system such as Ecoembes or Ecovidrio, which guarantees its recovery and recycling. In this way, packaging waste becomes a resource and is given a second life.

The green dot is not only a symbol, but also a guarantee that packaging producers comply with the European Directive 94/62/EC and the national law 11/97 on packaging and packaging waste, which establishes extended producer responsibility (EPR) as a mandatory measure.

Armaflex Unterschiede: ACE, XG und AF im Verleich
The green dot, the official logo


When it comes to sustainability, we do what we can to keep our system, and therefore our environment, as free of plastic and packaging waste as possible. With our system of "second-hand boxes" and recycled filling materials, we have already created a good basis for sustainable work for years and will continue to develop such systems in the future.

Important: Everyone must help to meet the challenges of this generation. Separating waste, doing without plastic packaging and raising awareness of sustainable lifestyles are the be-all and end-all. Every little contribution helps!